Dare to be different, Dare to be an architect
               It always stated that we couldn’t have a perfect life. Maybe if you see one, you can’t really tell cause you don’t know what people are struggling for in their inner sides so people don’t get to judge other. It always comes to a theory where each people have 3 paths in their life, you get to choose two of them. There are Money, Energy, and Time.
               Just a common path that it has been published everywhere. People say that Children get energy and time but no money, Business man in the other hand get money and energy but no time. Step ahead to twenty years from now, older people tend to have money and time but no energy. See it has been a cycle for quite a long time. 
               Talking about teenager or university student, they are not categorized as children or businessman. They have their own path. With all their money energy and time they used it to make money, to get intelligence or to even be famous.

               Architecture students always aim for intelligence first and it is so compulsory that they tend to give up on everything. It is just so envious that once you are an architect your vision about life changes and you need to step up your games. All your life will be filled. No time to shop, walk, exercise or even taking a nap. See, we need to work hard? So How about others, what’s your time and energy used for?

               We can see other can just stroll around shopping mall with their crazy expensive outfit or even got to photo-shoot in a great big city paid in every hour of their time there. While we do paper works like a ton of them and thinking with every single brain cell that we have. (Editor:JN)